COVID19 mimics radiation illness

COVID19 mimics radiation illness

When Marie Curie was ill due to radiation sickness the doctors believed it was due to a virus, a virus is often a placeholder for illness we can not understand.

COVID19 seems to violate all the rules of understanding when it comes to a pathogen driven disease. In a previous post a hypothesis was laid out that changes in our solar physics during this unprecedented solar cycle are causing mass illness we call COVID19.

Its often mentioned that COVID19 causes “cytokine storm”, but this is not a normal cytokine storm, a recent paper analysed the immune cascades and pointed out the “cytokine storm” in COVID19 is less severe than influenza. Where did the pop-science belief come from that COVID19 is caused by a cytokine storm? Because a cytokine storm is the only way to explain the massive systematic inflammation seen in COVID19, that is, until you understand the real mechanisms of COVID19. Cortisol, IL-6 and CRP are elevated in COVID19, biomarkers which also correlate with radiation damage.

A critical aspect to understand in COVID19 is the presence of large amounts of free DNA circulating that correlates with disease severity. A recent publication reviewed free DNA in the body and its correlation to disease state and found some astounding correlations. The level of free DNA corresponded directly to disease outcomes and clinical severity and was significantly higher in COVID19 than any other previous virus.

This paper had multiple shocking findings; Not only did COVID19 highly involve DNA fragments in circulation, but patients treated with experimental antivirals, experimental immunsupressives, hydroxychloroquine and/or the standard of care did not have changes in free DNA, as if the viral load was not correlated to free DNA. Its relevant to point out that free DNA itself can trigger cytokine storm and tissue damage.

Even more shocking was that a large percentage of this free DNA came from erythroblasts, the red blood cell precursors found in the bone marrow. This is a shocking discovery as damage this aggressive to the red blood cell precursors in the bone marrow can not be easily accounted for by any current viral mechanism. Interestingly, erythroblasts contain a large amount of iron and a structure that is not stable and resistant to auto-oxidation like mature red blood cells. As erythroblasts contain iron and undergo rapid mitosis, they are one of the most radiosensitive tissues in the body.

DNA gene silencing/methylation is part of the DNA repair mechanisms, and we see massive methylation in COVID19 patients, the epigenetic clock is a good indicator of fatality. A recent paper found methylation correlated to disease severity, “Epigenetic clock analyses revealed severe COVID‐19 was associated with an increased DNAm age and elevated mortality risk according to GrimAge, further validating the epigenetic clock as a predictor of disease and mortality risk. ”A paper also indicated a correlation between DNA damage repair capability and COVID19 mechanisms.

Bacterial translocation causing secondary infections is common in COVID19 according to a recent paper. This same bacterial translocation is common in radiation treatment affecting the abdomen.

One very unique aspect of COVID19 is the loss of smell and lung damage seen in even asymptomatic patients, this asymptomatic destruction to metabolically active tissues can not be explained by viral attack and viral load does not seem to correlate to these issues. Radiation pneumonitis is a well studied effect of radiation treatment, particularly in those that have challenges with oxidative stress or DNA repair, and produces the exact ground glass opacities seen in COVID19.